About Us

One of our many guitars!

What is Jacob's Guitars?

Jacob's Guitars are a blend of regular 6 string guitars with the form factor of a cigar box guitar.  No longer do you have to hold a clunky, sharp guitar to play cbg.  Instead enjoy a comfortable to play, good looking guitar.  When it comes to cbg, there are no other guitars like Jacob's Guitars.  Our guitars blend quality with prices more affordable than premium luthiers ask for.   


I've been selling other wood projects online for many years.  It started with making longbows and now it's guitars.  I started from scratch and have developed my guitar making craft over the last few years.  My son was interested in cbg's so I decided to make one for him.  After many attempts I finally made a box but it still felt like something was missing.  One day the idea hit me to make a solid body guitar with the same cbg format.  Now that I've perfected the luthiering process I want to share this new way of playing cbg to the world.  

Quality Control

My son, who has been playing and setting up guitars for years, assures quality of every guitar off the bench.  He makes sure the guitars are set up properly and feel great to play out of the box.  We only sell guitars that we feel proud of owning ourselves.  In fact, we own a few!  

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