Shake Em On Down Lesson

Another great song to learn for your repertoire!

Runnin With the Devil Lesson

After many requests, here's a lesson for Runnin With the Devil!

Heartbreaker Lesson

The first of many lesson videos!  Leave a comment for what songs you'd like me to do next!

Runnin With the Devil

Full cover of a classic Van Halen song!  Check it out!

Looper Pedal Jam

Jamming on my personal strat!

Barbaric SG 3 String Demo

New design for late February 2019!  Sounds sweet!

Maple Strat w/ Nice Grain

Demo of an older build.  Sounds incredible! 

Poplar SG Demo

Demo for the Poplar SG!

Fractal Art 3 String Demo with Jam

Demo of my favorite 3 string guitar with sweet Purple Haze jam!